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Aramid Yarns Stranding Machine

Aramid Yarn stranding device芳纶绞合装置

1. The application and features of the device
The device is a equipment for optical cable armoring. It also can be used with the optical cable stranding production line and the outer sheathing production line. Passive pay-off, tension through domestic or imported hysteresis brake control, tension size is adjustable online.

2. Main technical data:
2.1 Numbers of yarn max. 24
2.2 Rotational speed of stranding head (max) 120rpm
2.3 Stranding pitch 200~1000mm
2.4 Pay-off reel dimension Φ290×Φ94×Φ290mm
2.5Cable diameter max. Φ35mm
2.6Overall dimensions of the device(length×width×height) 2002mm×1800mm×2500mm
2.7 Driving Power 7.5Kw