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Industry dynamics

The optical network is a cornerstone

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Fiber optic cable is the main transmission tool in today's information society, various kinds of information network. If the "Internet" known as the "information superhighway", then, - optical network optical network is the cornerstone of information highway is the physical routing internet. Once a cable damage and blocking, the direction of the "information superhighway" will destroy. Through the optical transmission of information, in addition to normal telephone, telegraph, fax, now a lot of transmission and the television signal, the information is not a moment to break the bank remittance, the stock market etc.. At present, the transmission method of long distance communication cable has evolved from PDH to SDH, the transmission rate has been from the original 140MB/S to 2.5GB/S, 4 x 2.5GB/S, 16 x 2.5GB/S or more, that is to say, one of the core can be opened 30000, 120000, 480000 or even more road to development. The transmission capacity of such a large, cable once blocked not only caused huge losses to the telecommunications sector, but also because of poor communication, may cause some inconvenience to the masses, such as computer users can not access, the stock market is not known, bank remittance cannot, remote access into not bubble, all kinds of information transmission. In the outlying mountainous area, once the cable is interrupted, will make the county or several counties in communication optical cable line retire, become islands. Due to the government organs and people's loss is immeasurable.