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Industry dynamics

The biggest problem facing the information

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The personage inside course of study thinks, at present the biggest problem is themarket competitiveness is not strong, vigorously promoted the skills and level, has become increasingly urgent mission of occupation. Through careful investigation ofshopping malls and producers and finishing, difficulties to carry out occupation tablenow in many aspects, such as low level repeated severe production representation,production concentration is low, did not form scale economy; resources usefuloptimization combination of poor, low product price, input output ratio is low; the industrial structure is not reasonable, some product market excess demand, high-techproducts useful in short supply, wire and cable products is difficult to meet the demand of skill promotion. Together, the data cable equipment, fluorine plastic foaming equipment, optical fiber cable equipment, ultra fine enameled wire and other equipment, the skill level is lower than the foreign products, the lack of independentinnovation development ability, still need to rely on imports. According to the user to reflect, after sale service also needs to further strengthen.