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Indonesia Restart Submarine Cable Project

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According to Jakarta news, delayed nearly 20 years of Palapa Ring submarine cable project has started again.

According to reports, Palapa Ring project aims to build a submarine cable to connect all islands within the submarine cable system, about 11,000 km and the total investment of about 1.1 trillion rupees.

On Monday( 25th July of 2016), the state-owned Bank Mandiri, Indonesia's largest bank announced that the western part of the contractor to the project Palapa Ring Barat provide 875 billion rupees loans to restart the project.

Jakarta Times indicates, Palapa Ring submarine cable in the early 1990s, it was proposed the building when the session of the government. However, the 1997 Asian financial crisis so that the project can not obtain financing.

The current government announced that it would restart the Palapa Ring cable project in the earlier of this year, and adopt PPP Model, start bidding for the middle and western part of the cable construction at the same time.

The Indonesian government plans to achieve full completion and commissioning in 2018, put into commercial use in 2019.