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Industry dynamics

Optical fiber cable market demand will focus

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"After the short 2012 cable market, the domestic cable industry through the rapid development of the year. Large scale implementation thanks to broadband penetration speed of the project, the three major operators to promote FTTH construction, effectively led the market demand for optical fiber and cable, the cable manufacturers also earn basin full earthen bowl. However, from the upstream system and equipment manufacturers have to see

, communication industry has ushered in the winter period, especially in the second half of 2012, many Jicai projects three operators have been postponed, operator's investment enthusiasm began to slow down, this is a warning to the upstream and downstream communication industry.

A flourishing of optical fiber and cable market over the past year, whether can reproduce this year? At present, it is still unknown. Let the industry a bit worried about that, because the low rate of return on investment, China Telecom, China Unicom to comprehensively promote the enthusiasm of fiber to the home has fallen, fear will affect the amount of cable in a new round of. In 2013, the cable market opportunities will be mainly at what level?

TD-LTE pulling effect dominates

From the operator's investment plan, China Mobile investment in TD-LTE will undoubtedly become the focus of attention of the parties. Huawei, Ericsson, ZTE, Shanghai Baer, NSN five equipment manufacturers have to be eager for a fight, to expand their market share in the TD-LTE deployment of this year, TD-LTE has become a major key in communication industry. It is reported, China Mobile TD-LTE in 2013 to expand the scale of the experiment will soon open, the construction of 200000 TD-LTE base station, is expected in May to start the TD-LTE main equipment tender, the scale reached 20000000000 yuan.

TD-LTE to expand the scale of the deployment will significantly promote the domestic demand for optical fiber and cable market. Huang Xiaoqing, director of China Mobile Research Institute pointed out, China Mobile's current base station back to realize all through the optical fiber network, so as to effectively ensure the transmission quality of wireless network. Following with the large-scale deployment of TD-LTE for optical fiber and cable, the demand will further enhance. China Mobile this year has made the TD-LTE's two hundred plan: upgrade two ways through the new and, completed the TD-LTE network coverage in more than 100 city in the country, at the same time purchase 1000000 TD-LTE terminal, after the completion of the TD-LTE network covers a population of more than 500000000. China Mobile access network construction, investment in large scale, although there is no fixed network business license, however the overall size of the access network and even more than the other two fixed line operators. Also worth mentioning is the sum over the years, China Mobile optical fiber and cable in the volume of close to two other operators, and the deployment of TD-LTE will further expand its for centralized procurement quantity of optical fiber cable.

China Mobile in the TD-LTE strategic plan for the leading role of upstream and downstream communication industry are very significant, in addition to G.652D for ordinary optical fiber, low loss, bending and other special fiber demand is on the rise, while the optical devices demand will increase.

The FTTH driver is firm in have litre

After the 2012 broadband speed universal project guide, three major operators in the first half of last year a substantial increase in the proportion of investment in broadband networks, China Telecom is particularly prominent, around the city of company are assessed by the popularization of FTTH index, nationwide to promote the upgrading of fiber to the home, the whole China Telecom group during the first half of the year will be the basic broadband investment year run out, the construction of. However, with the previous investment enthusiasm subsided, given the low rate of return on investment, Chinese Unicom, China Telecom second half of the year have slowed the advance of FTTH rhythm, the whole domestic broadband wave also to smooth. According to the broadband speed issued by Ministry of completion, completion 2012 broadband speed are than expected goal, better to complete the task of broadband speed throughout the year.

"Combined with broadband speed wideband Chinese strategy to promote the pace and the Ministry proposed for the three major operators in 2013, the target task comparable to last year's level, the national level does not grant funds to support conditions, the three operators for the construction of broadband speed will be combined with more investment income, broadband network construction investment will continue to maintain a certain proportion, or flat with last year. With the rapid development of IPTV business background, fixed line telecommunications operators investment returns have begun to rebound slightly, to ensure that the broadband network market competitiveness, fixed investment still can not be underestimated.

The solid net investment operators will directly on the optical fiber and cable market has played a positive role in promoting, optical fiber as the main carrier of broadband network, will effectively enhance the user's broadband Internet access rate. The Ministry has proposed "broadband Chinese 2013 special action plan" will effectively promote the rapid growth of market of our country fiber-optic cable.

Continue to promote smart grid

In addition to telecom operators continue to increase the transformation process of fiber to the home outside, national grid in the process of the smart grid, for going into the households transformation family end also is in the rapid development, to promote the implementation of electricity and other related applications of intelligent, power system for a large number of smart grid pilot projects in the past two years, began to promote FTTH the technology in the user home access terminal, in providing wire access at the same time, can also be based on user demand synchronous optical access. It is understood, the Internet through power FTTH users, broadband access rate is also effectively guarantee of enhancing the user experience, laid the foundation for the subsequent large-scale promotion.

Power FTTH provides new opportunities for the development of the domestic cable manufacturers, including Zhongtian Technology, optoelectronics Hengtong, the domestic cable companies have low voltage composite cable production.