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Industry dynamics

The development of China Optical Communication

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18th to 19th June of 2016, the optical fiber communication event "50th anniversary of optical fiber communication Summit" was successed held in Hebi Henan Province which named "cored central plains optical valley" . The forum aims to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Gaokun"the father of China optical fiber" published optical waveguide theory; comply with the United Nations declared the international situation in light years, recalled the great achievements of China Optical fiber communication in the first 50 years, discuss the future development of the road!

In recent years, with the development of China's telecommunications industry, promoting of the "light of Copper" , the deployment of 3G network, then the second half of 2013 the State Council issued a broadband China strategy, which greatly promoted the development of China's telecommunications industry. Especially in the driven of large-scale deployment construction of FTTH, 4G networks, even China's macro economy is facing huge downward pressure, China's communications industry is still maintained rapid growth. Our equipment manufacturers, optical fiber and cable manufacturers, optical component manufacturers  have achieved good results in the past two years. However, at the same time of rapid development, also exposed some problems, which worth our vigilance and attention. For example, the earlier of this year,  the United State against the ZTE "ZTE incident", as well as our lack of chips, our operators facing revenue slowdown issues.

Operators plate:

After the implementation of the last round of telecom reform, our country has formed China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, the three pillars of the situation at present. This year broadcasting to game, from the current point of view, it can not see the extent to change the existing pattern. The current macro situation, the operator environment, there have been a far cry from that year. Operators now face competition not only among peers, but also face the threat from Internet vendors. OTT development for operators to bring great pressure. Directly to the source of income for the three operators in the two - text, voice Zhanxia horse! However, the development of OTT and other Internet applications, but also further promote the growing consumer demand for bandwidth. Consumers increased bandwidth demand will inevitably require operators of existing network equipment upgrades or new construction, which led directly to an increase operators' capital expenditure. Internet applications used by consumers has increased, the use of traffic will also increase, consumer spending will certainly rise. While operators would like to take the explosive growth of traffic to make a killing, "Speed drop fee" turned out to operators a blow! Operators bitter can not be made, because it is in the position of administrative monopoly, the state gave the advantages of resources, it will have to bear the corresponding historical mission! Overall, the operators play a "three roles": 1. The State must curried! 2. Consumers must be careful care! 3. Suppliers do anything!

Comments sentence: carriers, baby heart bitter, but can not say, said no one believed! Operators how to go next? On the one hand, it is forecast pipeline inevitable. On the other hand, as long as the pipeline is not lost, not to be exiled, voice still rests in their hands. However, the more backward, the operator will become harder to make money, lying down money has been made in the past. Previously repaired the road, waiting for the number of cash. Passage of time, now is not the same, just fix a road, not refurbished or rebuilt two years is necessary, because many people walk, hitchhike a lot of people.

Equipment manufacturers plate:

In recent years, large-scale investment in our national network communication, but also with our equipment suppliers this big wave has developed. The world's leading optical communication equipment manufacturers which we occupied three important seats. Huawei, ZTE to make the world feel the rise of China's communication technology is leaps and bounds. From follow to go hand in hand, to go beyond, this is our equipment manufacturers to achieve impressive results. Especially Huawei boarded the top spot for China, and the world has a very important motivational. Huawei, ZTE massive open foreign markets, but also directly or indirectly our suppliers' products to the international market. Overall, our equipment manufacturers in recent years made remarkable achievements! However, in some of the core aspects of the device remains to be strengthened. Earlier this year the United States launched an attack caused ZTE "ZTE incident" is a microcosm.

Moment, as China's 4G network construction is gradually drawing to a close, and FTTH gradually improved. Our access network, whether wired or wireless access access, has made great achievements. Transmission network is now the focus of attention, 400G has been put on the agenda. We believe that the backbone network, metropolitan area network will be upgraded to 400G, and so after the completion of this round of upgrades, and will stimulate the development of the access network level. 5G prepare for the arrival, even for large-scale deployment of 10G PON 100G pave the way. Development of such mutual promotion, will make our entire communications industry has been continuing momentum.

Fiber optic cable plate:

Volume of large fiber optic cable, whether production or demand were to occupy the global market share of about 50%. However, on the other hand, the domestic optical fiber and cable revenue of domestic and foreign manufacturers, the differences between sales of about 90% in the domestic and foreign markets accounted for a small share. To seek greater development, the need to go out and implement development strategies. This will allow us to directly face the Japanese and US strong foreign competitors, which requires that our products not only stay in the general aspects of optical fiber and cable. Also we need to work harder to end, with foreign manufacturers of all-round competition. Ultra-low loss optical fibers, specialty fibers and so is our outside breakthrough strategic strong point.

Optical device plate:

Domestic optical device plate, the surface is very strong. Our overall business income, profit levels were highest in the world. However, once into deep peel, you will find the core of things still need to work harder. We optical module production capacity is very strong, our component production is also very strong, but our chip is not satisfactory. Used in the access network are not any problems with our module for use in a data center is not a problem, but with the core transport network it? Application of the backbone network is the commanding heights of the core aspects of the core strategy, grabbed this point, standing on the mountain, list of small hills.

Summary: optical fiber communication gone through 50 years of ups and downs, there are lonely climax, in the process of our nation optical communications from "0" to "1" and then hundreds of thousands. The combination of optical communication human sweat and tears. Results of course, but not small! Ranking global operators, three operators we are in the forefront! The world's major equipment manufacturers, our Huawei, ZTE important! 10 global optical fiber and cable manufacturers, we occupy more than half! 10 global device business, we still go hand in hand! Positive energy, we need to spread, however, should also see the need for improvement. Our operators how to break this impasse, with the Internet provider is and is war? Equipment manufacturers how to do business leads the way? Optical fiber and cable manufacturers how ultra-low loss, specialty fibers, and the preform material Plough? Optical devices in how to achieve a breakthrough on the chip?