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Industry dynamics

What kind of cable?

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There are a lot of cable types, following by the Anhui cable according to the performance, use different classification:
1 according to the transmission performance, distance and different purposes, the cable can be divided into user cable, telephone cable, optical cable and cable.
The use of optical fiber cable in accordance with 2 different kinds of cables, and can be divided into the single mode optical fiber and multimode optical fiber cable.
3 according to the fiber optic cable, fiber core, cable and can be divided into the single core cable, dual core optical fiber cable.
4 according to the reinforcement configuration method is different, the cable can be divided into the central strength member, dispersion strengthening component cable, cable sheath strength member and outer sheath cable cable.
5 according to the transmission conductor, medium in different conditions, the cable can be divided into comprehensive cable metal free cable, optical cable, ordinary (mainly for the railway special network communication lines).
6 according to the laying of cable in different ways, can be divided into pipeline optical cable, optical cable, aerial cable and underwater cable.
According to the structure of 7 different ways, cable can be divided into flat cable structure, layer stranded cable, skeleton type cable, armored cable and high density optical fiber subscriber.
Cable construction
Over the years, we have made cable construction makes a set of mature methods and experience.
(a) the construction of outdoor optical cable:
Cable laying long distance the most important thing is to choose a suitable path. This path is not necessarily the most short is the best, but also pay attention to the right to the use of land, construction or buried possibility.
Must have design and construction drawings are complete, so that construction and inspection is convenient and reliable in the future. Construction should be pay attention not to make the optical fiber by weight or by hard objects.
Cable when turning, the turning radius of 20 times larger than the diameter of the optical cable.
1 outdoor overhead cable construction:
A. hanging hanging overhead, this way is easy, cheap, the most widely used in our country, but the hook hanging, finishing more time-consuming.
B. wire winding type overhead, this way more stable, less maintenance work. But need special wound machine.
C. self-supporting aerial mode, high requirement of wire rod, construction, maintenance is difficult, high cost, domestic rarely used.
D. overhead, cable lifting rod and guiding device, and to avoid cable mopping the floor. Cable traction when the attention of reducing friction. Each rod will remain for a retractable cable.
E. should pay attention to the reliable earthing metal objects in the cable. In particular to general every kilometer 3 ground points in high voltage power grid and the thunderstorm area mountain,, even the non metal optical cable.
2 outdoor pipeline optical cable construction:
A. former construction should check pipeline occupancy, cleaning, placed into plastic pipe, and the traction line.