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Industry dynamics

Analysis China cable demand slowed Suzhou

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Is expected to China Appliance Industry Association Deputy Secretary General Electric Wire and cable branch secretary Wu Shimin held in 29 of the 2012 Chineseinternational copper processing industry development forum, the future China wire and cable industry of copper consumption or will enter a period of slow growth.

In: Wu Shimin said, adjust the pressure facing the macro economy and Industry Based on Chinese, wire and cable demand growth over the next three to five years will continue to face down the situation, growth rate will be adjusted and fall. However, is expected to have moderate market demand for space, the overall still maintained a certain growth range.

In: Wu Shimin thinks, the majority of products the average growth rate of about 6%-8%,individual products, such as high voltage cables above 66KV may maintain the growth rate of 10%-15%, and by the economic cycle of products may be negative growth, such as marine cable etc..