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Industry dynamics

Analysis of current situation

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Metal wire and cable industry is the economic construction of our country an important supporting industry, widely used in various fields of the national economy, plays aChina electrician industry output value of 1/4, machinery industry is second only to the automotive industry's second largest industry. Our country has already jumped house world the first big cable manufacturing country, but also the global wire and cableconsumption grows the fastest in the world, but the per capita consumption of wire and cable is about 1/5 of that of developed countries. The future of wire and cablemarket demand is still great room for growth.

Current situation: in 1, metal wire and cable industry

In: metal wire and cable products are widely used in various fields of the national economy, is called the national economy "blood" and "nerve".

:: with the process of informatization, communication technology and means of communication in continuous progress and update of information communication,people more and more depend. At present, with the development of high-speed Internet and web users, the market demand for broadband communication cable and digital communication cable in increasing, metal wire and cable market is still not small, every year there will be 30000000 km dosage. Metal wire and cable productsboth on broadband, IPTV, phone, fax transmission, video phone, alarm and other signal functions, along with the rapid development of intelligent building, computerindustry and information highway project, people pay more for office work and familyinformation demand and dependence, the metal wire and cable demand will rise, is the development direction of metal cable.

In the next few years in, smart grid, nuclear power, railway, airport, construction,household appliances industry vigorous development, the demand for wire and cable products will grow rapidly. With the rapid development of metal wire and cableindustry, special cable market demand rapid heating metal cable. Shipbuilding,railway, aircraft, aerospace, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and nuclear powerindustries need to use a lot of special cable. By domestic industrialization and informatization construction of pulling, optical fiber and cable special cable industry, in the broadband network, 3G network, power grids and the Internet and other largeprojects, to achieve comprehensive development; special cable in 3G, electric power,railway and marine economy, but also to achieve substantial growth.

In the year April promulgated in the "electronic information industry restructuring andrevitalization plan" stressed the need to guide the third generation mobilecommunication network (hereinafter referred to as "3G"), the next generation of the Internet, digital broadcast television networks, broadband optical fiber access network and digital cinema construction, domestic related industry development, the promotion of rural informatization. The implement of the plan effectively boosted domesticcommunication optical cable, wire and cable market demand.

The development of 2, metal wire and cable industry trends::

In in the expansion of the capacity of the market, communication cable market is expected to maintain traditional annual 30000000 core km dosage. Some special cables such as railway signal cable, marine cable, wire, cable for mine, offshore oil platform cable will have a big growth in demand. Such as railway signal cable industryin 2008, according to the national regulation "medium and long-term railway network plan", to 2020, the national railway operating mileage of 120000 km, double track rate and electrochemical rate reached 50% and 60% respectively, the main busy routespassenger line, the basic form a reasonable layout, clear structure, perfect function,smooth convergence railway network, transport capacity to meet the needs of the national economic and social development, the main technical equipment to reach or approach international advanced level. In the national railway network construction,railway signal cable is used widely, there are a lot of application in rail transit construction, is the indispensable product of cable for high speed railway and rail transit construction.

In the implementation of strategic development planning: with the country to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, Chinese equipment manufacturing industry will realize from "China manufacturing" to "create the Chinese", will promote the Chinese equipment manufacturing industry's progress and development, will also pull equipment manufacturing special cable market demand growth. According to industry estimates, the next five years special cable market volume was approximately 400-500 billion yuan, the market sales accounted for about 40% of total sales in the domestic cable market.

Steady development in the industry: cable, special cable broad prospects. At present,China's cable industry is in a stage of stable growth, from 2003 to date, the total output of metal cable industry to copper equivalent measure of the average annual compound growth rate of more than 10%. For the special cable end, China has not formed a production capacity, is still dependent on imports. The added value of the cable has higher, its wool interest rate is far higher than the industry average, has a high profit space, is the future development direction of metal wire and cable industry.