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Industry dynamics

Development of wire and cable production line

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These years of occupation of the rapid development of wire and cable, pull the special equipment wire and cable manufacturing appears, fierce competition to win thepotential. Last year, the special equipment of wire and cable industry output of 1600000000 yuan, an increase of 30% over last year. Since this year, continue toshow good development trend. At present, the wire and cable products varieties ofoccupation satisfaction rate reaches more than 95%, the domestic market share has exceeded 90%. Copper continuous casting and rolling production line capacity usefulpromotion. In the past 5 years the two companies co production of the 58 production lines, rolling copper rod production capacity of about 2000000 tons, wire and cableoccupation the copper rod production can be promoted to the 4000000 ~ 5000000 tons, equipment utilization rate of about 30% ~ 40%. 5 years of occupation, thecontinuous casting and rolling production line produced aluminum and aluminum magnesium silicon alloy casting and rolling production line 25, the aluminum rodproduction can be promoted about 200000 tons.